Made in Canada by the loving hands of a scoli mom. 
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 Teens have enough issues with body image.

Scoliosis Back Brace undershirt

After getting the back brace, nothing fit right anymore. Shopping for clothes used to be fun.  It became frustrating and felt like wasted time, energy and money trying to find anything to fit. She was insecure with how her clothes fit and more self conscious with her appearance as well as very uncomfortable . We looked everywhere and researched like crazy but never found anything that would suit the need.

 Then I thought of the...

Brace Buddies body sock!

Just because you have to wear a brace, doesn't mean you have to look like you're wearing a brace!


At first the brace seemed to be an issue but now with

Brace Buddies body socks

we see it as a form fitting solution!


Thank you Jordon for sharing your experience wearing the brace and how Brace Buddies body socks have helped you! (video to the right)